Gerrit User Summit/Conference in Mountain View, CA

As you may know i was participating in this year Gerrit User Summit, 21-26 March, followed by Developer Hackathon in Mountain View, CA.

I had three presentations: Gerrit@LibreOffice with detailed explanation of Gerrit Buildbot plugin and two feature requests:

Among other presentations Edwin summarized new features in upcoming Gerrit 2.9 release, that was later converted to regular documentation page in Gerrit. Shawn presented plans for future Gerrit/Git development:

  • Moving from database to Git to store meta data
  • Provide alternative Git storage backend(s) to file system backend.
  • Improving Git submodule feature set

During the Hackathon i continued the work on inline edit feature: to allow to change code during review directly in browser. It should also have support to create a new empty isolated change and a follow-up change from a given change directly in browser and allow to populate it with code changes.

On Sunday we had mountain bike tour in Santa Cruz national park. Thanks Edwin for these great pictures:

Big thank to The Document Foundation for funding my participation.

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