LibreOffice: new mork driver

Some history first

First time i compiled LibreOffice (LO) in march 2012, it failed to compile in the seamonkey (moz) module (i didn’t enable it explicitly). I had many questions about moz integration in LO:

  1. what has an office suite to do with a browser?
  2. why it is enabled per default, if it’s something optional?
  3. why it was failing to compile on my recent Ubuntu box?

Six months later i knew the answers to all these questions 😉

  1. it is needed for Thunderbird address book integration and some other extensions.
  2. it is (well was) not really optional: mail merge is an important feature, because sooner or later you want to send mails from your office suite to the recipients from your address book. To import the Mozilla Address Book (MAB) data, which is stored in mork file format, LO need some means to read and interpret that format. Because of lack of alternative implementations Mozilla itself was used for that purpose.
  3. well here things started to become complicated. It was subtle linking issue: compiler tool chain configuration was changed on Debian/Ubuntu: “as-needed” became the default, breaking many tools and libraries, among other the moz module in LO. But why two distros had a compilation problem in the moz module and nobody noticed? Debian/Ubuntu maintainers disabled this “a strangely hacked up Mozilla binary” inside of LO.

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