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Why are we hiding from the police dad? They use vi son, we use emacs.

Main reason to use open source software: customizability

Why are we using open source software? Well that’s a rhetoric question and i am sure you come up with many reasons for that, just to name few:

  • Freedom
  • Quality
  • Security
  • Try it first
  • Community

And many others. How about customizability? Have you already realized that some feature is missing in product “foo”? Fine, what now? Well try to bring the vendor to extend it. But wait, we are using open source software, right? Let’s patch it then 😉 Let’s see how easy it is … but the problem first:


usage: git [--version] [--exec-path[= ]] ...

The most commonly used git commands are:

add      Add file contents to the index
branch   List, create, or delete branches
clone    Clone a repository into a new directory

So now let’s compare that output with our another favorite tool that we all so love: Gerrit:

$>ssh gerrit gerrit --help

gerrit COMMAND [ARG ...] [--] [--help (-h)]
Available commands of gerrit are:


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